In Conversation with Keb Darge (Sixties Rebellion)
We’re Coming For You Finsbury Park!
3 June 2021
Owlstock 2022 has arrived 🕺
20 July 2022
We’re Coming For You Finsbury Park!
3 June 2021
Owlstock 2022 has arrived 🕺
20 July 2022

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, we’re really looking forward to welcoming Sixties Rebellion back to The Night Owl for a very special New Year’s Eve party hosted by legendary DJ Keb Darge featuring an array of special guests spinning 60s psych, garage, surf and more all night.

We caught up with Keb to discuss the night, his favorite DJ’s and what he has been up to during lockdown:

What can people expect at the upcoming Sixties Rebellion New Years’ Eve Party?

Expect the usual violent sixties garage killers with a few moody ones dropped in at the right moment and a touch of surf and rockabilly.

We’ve really enjoyed having Sixties Rebellion club nights at The Night Owl since we opened in July 2021, what do you love about our new venue in Finsbury Park?

The thing l love most is the staff, but you gotta love the way it looks inside.
You were obviously a pivotal figure in the Wigan Casino Northern Soul movement to London in the 1970s, then again in the funk scene with your night at Madam JoJos – is 60s garage about to explode?
Yeah, it looks like sixties garage is the new cool underground thing. I guess kids are fed up with pish music at last.
With the pandemic pausing nightlife and music across the UK in the last two years, how did you keep yourself busy?
I work at Ace records on and off and did a lot of music programming for some Japanese fashion shops. They are getting into the sixties garage stuff too now. Can’t wait to get back out there DJ’ing after all this.
What’s the best thing about being out of lockdown?
Obviously, the best thing for me is being able to play my records to people other than my wife and watch them respond.
Which 3 records can you not get enough of right now?
My three top tunes at the moment are, The Rock Shop “is that your halo”. The Fe Fi Four Plus 2 “I wanna come back”. The Checkmates “talk to me”.
You’ve showcased some fantastic DJ’s at your nights here at The Night Owl, who are your top 3 DJ’s to watch?
Suzy Creamcheese is well known on the European garage scene but proved on Saturday that she has the tunes to blow the heads off passers0by who know not what garage is. Super Tough Tony is not well known but will be. For me, his selections piss on those made by some better-known DJs at other clubs, and not one bootleg in sight. Joe Whimster has not been down to play at the Night Owl yet as he lives in Aberdeen, but I played with him up that way a month ago and every tune was a killer.
Fancy joining us at The Night Owl this New Years Eve? Purchase your ticket here

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